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Arc-39 is a Miku-styled theme for the Linux desktop.

This theme is based on Arc Theme.



First, ensure that you have the required packages installed, and review the options available.

I build the theme using the following commands:

  • ./ --prefix=$HOME/.local --with-gtk3=3.22 --disable-light --disable-darker --disable-cinnamon --disable-metacity --disable-unity --disable-xfwm --disable-plank --disable-openbox
  • make install

At this time, I have only themed the dark variant of GTK 3.20, GTK 2, and GNOME Shell 3.22.

This should be compatible with GTK 2, GTK 3.20+, and GNOME Shell 3.18 through 3.24.


  • Since GTK 2 only looks at ~/.themes for user theme files, you'll want to do either of these things:

    • ln -s ~/.local/share/themes ~/.themes to symlink the XDG themes folder to the user's folder.
    • Move ~/.local/share/themes/Arc-39 into the ~/.themes folder.
  • The generated makefiles don't seem to watch for .scss changes to update the .css files when rebuilding.

    In order to quickly prototype stylesheet edits, remove all .css files from the common directory, then make install.

  • Unlike gtk-3.0's assets.svg from which resources are automatically generated from, gnome-shell's are individual .svg files contained within the *-assets folders.

    To make your life easier, identify common hexadecimal colour codes to modify, and use sed to globally replace the values instead of editing the elements one by one (i.e.: find common/gnome-shell/3.22 -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i -e 's/#AAAAAA/#BBBBBB/g').


The design is straightforward:

  • Background elements (including some of the text) had their red channel zeroed out. This produces a turquoise palette.
  • Foreground elements and text are tinted green, like leek.
  • Selected elements are tinted pink.


Credits go to the authors of the excellent Arc Theme.