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# Arc Theme
Arc is a flat theme with transparent elements for GTK 3, GTK 2 and GNOME Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like GNOME, Unity, Pantheon, Xfce, MATE, Cinnamon (>=3.4), Budgie Desktop (10.4 for GTK+3.22) etc.
The NicoHood/arc-theme repository is a fork of the horst3180/arc-theme repository which as been umaintained since March 2017.
Its aim is to continue the maintenance of arc-theme. The two maintainers are the Arch-Linux and Debian & Ubuntu packaging maintainers.
It is strongly encouraged to submit pull-requests to suggest fixes and enhancements.
## Arc is available in three variants
##### Arc
![A screenshot of the Arc theme](
##### Arc-Darker
![A screenshot of the Arc-Darker theme](
##### Arc-Dark
![A screenshot of the Arc-Dark theme](
## Installation
### Packages
|Distro|Package Name/Link|
| Arch Linux | [`arc-gtk-theme`](, [`arc-solid-gtk-theme`]( |
| Debian | `arc-theme` |
| Fedora | `arc-theme` |
| Gentoo/Funtoo | `x11-themes/arc-theme` from the [Scriptkitties Overlay][sk-overlay] |
| Sabayon | `arc-theme`
| Solus | `arc-gtk-theme` |
| Ubuntu 16.10 and later | `arc-theme`
| Ubuntu 16.04 and later | `arc-theme` from [fossfreedom/arc-gtk-theme-daily]( |
| FreeBSD | `x11-themes/gtk-arc-themes` |
### Manual Installation
To build the theme the following packages are required
* `autoconf`
* `automake`
* `sassc` for GTK 3, Cinnamon, or GNOME Shell
* `pkg-config` or `pkgconfig` for Fedora
* `git` to clone the source directory
* `optipng` for GTK 2, GTK 3, or XFWM
* `inkscape` for GTK 2, GTK 3, or XFWM
The following packages are optionally required
* `gnome-shell`for auto-detecting the GNOME Shell version
* `libgtk-3-dev` for Debian based distros or `gtk3-devel` for RPM based distros, for auto-detecting the GTK3 version
**Note:** For distributions which don't ship separate development packages, just the GTK 3 package is needed instead of the `-dev` packages.
For the theme to function properly, install the following
* GNOME Shell 3.18 - 3.32, GTK 3.18 - 3.24
* The `gnome-themes-extra` package
* The murrine engine. This has different names depending on the distro.
* `gtk-engine-murrine` (Arch Linux)
* `gtk2-engines-murrine` (Debian, Ubuntu, elementary OS)
* `gtk-murrine-engine` (Fedora)
* `gtk2-engine-murrine` (openSUSE)
* `gtk-engines-murrine` (Gentoo)
Install the theme with the following commands
#### 1. Get the source
Clone the git repository with
git clone --depth 1 && cd arc-theme
#### 2. Build and install the theme
./ --prefix=/usr
sudo make install
Other options to pass to are
--disable-transparency disable transparency in the GTK3 theme
--disable-light disable Arc Light support
--disable-darker disable Arc Darker support
--disable-dark disable Arc Dark support
--disable-cinnamon disable Cinnamon support
--disable-gnome-shell disable GNOME Shell support
--disable-gtk2 disable GTK2 support
--disable-gtk3 disable GTK3 support
--disable-metacity disable Metacity support
--disable-unity disable Unity support
--disable-xfwm disable XFWM support
--disable-plank disable Plank theme support
--disable-openbox disable Openbox support
--with-gnome-shell=<version> build the gnome-shell theme for a specific version
--with-gtk3=<version> build the GTK3 theme for a specific version
Note: Normally the correct version is detected automatically
and these options should not be needed.
After the installation is complete the theme can be activated with `gnome-tweak-tool` or a similar program by selecting `Arc`, `Arc-Darker` or `Arc-Dark` as Window/GTK+ theme and `Arc` or `Arc-Dark` as GNOME Shell/Cinnamon theme.
If the `--disable-transparency` option was used, the theme will be installed as `Arc-solid`, `Arc-Darker-solid` and `Arc-Dark-solid`.
## Uninstall
sudo make uninstall
from the cloned git repository, or
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/themes/{Arc,Arc-Darker,Arc-Dark}
## Extras
### Arc KDE
A port of Arc for the Plasma 5 desktop with a few additions and extras. Available [here](
### Arc icon theme
The Arc icon theme is available at
### Plank theme
As of version `20180114` the plank theme will be installed along with the normal arc gtk theme. You can disable the install by passing `disable-plank` to the autogen command.
Now open the Plank preferences window by executing `plank --preferences` from a terminal and select `Gtk+` as the theme.
### FirefoxColor theme
Arc color palettes for FirefoxColor testpilot project
### Arc-Dark for Ubuntu Software Center
The Arc Dark theme for the Ubuntu Software Center by [mervick]( can be installed from [here]( It solves readability issues with Arc Dark and the Ubuntu Software Center.
## Troubleshooting
If you get artifacts like black or invisible backgrounds under Unity, disable overlay scrollbars with
gsettings set com.canonical.desktop.interface scrollbar-mode normal
## Bugs
If you find a bug, please report it at
## License
Arc is available under the terms of the GPL-3.0. See `COPYING` for details.
## Full Preview
![A full screenshot of the Arc theme](
<sub>Screenshot Details: Icons: [Arc]( | Launcher Icons based on [White Pixel Icons]( | [Wallpaper]( | Font: Futura Bk bt</sub>